Numerous Kind Of Mushrooms You Can Consume

A mushroom is, basically, a fungus, which grows typically over ground on the soil. It usually is in the shape of a dome with gills underneath. Numerous mushrooms, despite of being fungus, are considered edible. The first consumption of the mushroom was traced in China. Chinese consider mushrooms as precious because of their medicinal qualities. Eating mushroom has been used for culinary purpose since centuries.

Many of us, mostly, come across with the image of mushrooms on a pizza or in some other delicacies. White mushroom is the most common edible mushroom that is known by people. But, do you know that this is just one of the numerous kinds of mushrooms, which are widely cultivated and consumed? Read on the given information to know about the types of edible mushrooms.

There are around a thousand of mushrooms, which are naturally grown or manually cultivated. They are classified into different categories on the basis of their qualities. Many mushrooms are even poisonous, which can give rise to grievous complications if consumed. But, here, we are only discussing about edible mushrooms. It is impossible to squeeze in all kinds of mushrooms together in one article, so we'll take a few for examples.

Crimini or Agaricus Crimini: Criminis is the smaller version of Portobello. When Portobello is in its initial phase of growth with its cap unopened then it is called crimini. By providing great taste in several delicacies, this mushroom is useful for benefitting health if stored in right temperature.

Black Poplar or Agrocybe Aegerita: A great tasting edible mushroom. It is said that this was the first mushroom that was cultivated by man. The gourmet quality of this mushroom makes it ideal for pastas and red meat.

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