The Horse Mansion – The Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

With its exclusive horse head sculptures, the Kuthiramalika Palace and its conversion as a museum is surely a need to go to web site when traveling to Kerala.
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It epitomizes the essence of Kerala architecture and was the abode of a Maharaja.

Created by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma of Trivandrum, the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum is the epitome of the Kerala architecture and lifestyle. While referred to as Kuthira Malika, which indicates Mansion of Horses in honour of the 122 wood horse experience sculptures depicted on the southern roof brackets, the palace is basically the Puthen Malika Palace or New Mansion.

The museum area of the palace is only a smaller part of the extensive Palace advanced unfold out close to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Pursuing the dying of the Maharaja or King of Travancore in 1846 the mansion was still left unoccupied for much more than 100 years.

Nonetheless, now people are able to wander through the sophisticated admiring the consideration to detail in the architecture and the a variety of possessions of the Travancore Royal Spouse and children. Elaborate carvings adorn the walls of the palace and its sloping roofs, pillared verandahs and overhanging eaves build a picturesque internet site.
Potentially most astounding amongst the collection of royal belongings are the two thrones, a person of which is manufactured of ivory and the other Bohemian crystal. The conch - emblem of the Travancore Royalty adorns the backrest. Other prized possessions contain Belgian mirrors, Kathakali mannequins, crystal chandeliers, standard furnishings, weapons and armaments, jewelry, different sized ivory cradles and sculptures and idols made of white marble. Paintings, musical devices and other creative property are a unique attraction because of to the Maharaja's undisputed contribution towards the literature and inventive motion of the time. In reality the very first flooring residences the rooms in which the Maharaja composed his famed songs, poems and other compositions.

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