Features And Benefits of White Label Sportsbook

Anyone launching a sports betting website would like to see a site loaded with features that would help in making the website popular quickly. A sports-betting site should have an impressive feature list and and user friendly interface that will help to attract more visitors. There are host of features that can be added to a sports-betting website to make the site attractive for users. The site should offer multiple betting options. It needs to support single bets as well as more complex bets such as multiple bets and specials. It should also support customized betting options depending upon the requirement in a particular country or region. Generally sports-book websites are launched using the white label model wherein the solution provider owns the 'off the shelf' solution that is customized to the requirements of the client. A white label solution can be launched quickly, costs less than a custom built solution from scratch and the site operation is run by the solution provider.

The site owner can have a complete snapshot of the operations at any given time. Some of the features that are provided to the client include market browsing, sign-up and account management area, bet and transaction history, as well as a complete CMS to manage website static content. The benefit of a white label solution is the outsourced operation model that helps the site owner to concentrate completely on marketing activities and making the site popular.

The software, hosting and customer support is also provided by the solution provider. Since customer support is one of the most critical components of a sports betting website, site owners should ensure that the site operations are supported 24/7 by chat, email and phone support. A poorly supported website can see a quick exodus of users at a faster rate than they log to the website. Excellent support enables users to quickly clarify their queries and place bets more efficiently. The website should also have some tips on placing bets and a 'Help Page' that answers most of the FAQ's. An interactive discussion forum will also help users to discuss strategies and help them to place high probability bets. A full feature loaded website should have features like multiple currency, multiple country support, various payment options and advanced fraud management systems. All these features will enable the site to be launched across different countries and give users that confidence to place bets securely.

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